Nurturing Newly Licensed Drivers into Safe Drivers

Nurturing Newly Licensed Drivers into Safe Drivers

Celebrating the day your teen driver passes the exams and gets his or her driver’s license is worth noting and even celebrating. But shouldn’t the real goal be making sure they become as safe of a driver as possible?

It is not just about getting a license, it is about driving maturely and safely, not just now but for years to come.

How can we as parents accomplish this?

Set Goals Beyond Getting Licensed

Once licensed, talk about other goals with your new driver. Like the importance of driving without a citation for 2 years (or another goal of your choice). Like the importance of not driving while distracted or in damaging their vehicle for a period of time.

Continue to Drive with them in Challenging Conditions

Of course, once they get their license, they may no longer need you to accompany them when they drive. That doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from your experience. As different challenging opportunities present themselves, suggest you go with them to experience new driving conditions that can improve their skills under your guidance. These may include:

  • Driving in challenging sun conditions like at sunrise or sunset.
  • Driving in rush hour and high-traffic street conditions.
  • Driving on the freeway in high traffic.
  • Driving through construction zones and detours.
  • Driving in high wind and rain.
  • Driving in snow.
  • Driving on rural roads at night.

The fact is, our new drivers will experience these situations at some time or another. Isn’t it better they experience them for the first time with you in the passenger seat?

The goal, after all, is not just in getting your son or daughter licensed. It is in making sure they know how to drive in all conditions and can do so safely.

Having a teen driver can increase your auto insurance rates dramatically. They will eventually come down as your new driver builds a safe driving resume. They may also qualify for discounts, like good student discounts.

Contact us and let us work to find you car insurance rates you can live with. Our independent agents will search their network of companies that provide options. In the meantime, keep working with your new driver at improving their skills. Getting a driver’s license is not a goal. It is a starting point to the goal of being the safest driver one can be.


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