Trees, Fences, Dogs and Trampolines: Common Homeowners’ Insurance Questions

Trees, Fences, Dogs and Trampolines: Common Homeowners’ Insurance Questions

Every day we are approached with a series of questions regarding homeowners’ insurance. Many of them have common denominators involving pricing, trees, fencing and dogs. Here are just a few.

Do I have to Have Homeowners’ Insurance?

If you have a mortgage on your property, your lender likely requires homeowners’ insurance. Even if your home is paid for, it is still a good idea to protect your investment.

If I Tell My Insurance Company I Have a Dog, Can My Home Insurance Rates Go Up?

Yes. It is possible. NOT telling them you have a dog that then causes injury to someone through a bite could create even bigger problems. Always be upfront and honest about your situation when acquiring any insurance coverage, or it may bite you in the end.

“We were thinking about getting a backyard trampoline…”

Just say no. Backyard trampolines are known as an “attractive nuisance” and could void any coverage you have. Few companies want to deal with the risks of backyard trampolines. The same is true with diving boards, piranha ponds or man-eating lions.

If My Tree Falls on My Neighbor’s Garage, Am I Covered?

Generally. An exception could be if the tree was diseased and you knew it was a risk ahead of time.

If My Fence Blows Down in a Storm, will it be Covered by My Homeowners’ Insurance?


If My Old, Rotting Wood Fence Needs to be Replaced, Will It Be Covered by My Homeowners’ Insurance?

It is a homeowners’ obligation to keep their home in good and reasonable repair. An old rotting fence would likely not be covered by homeowners’ insurance.

Who Can Sue Me If They Get Injured While On My Property?

The list is almost endless. The pizza and food delivery guy, the package delivery person, your neighbor, lawn care person, Aunt Edna and even your brother Bob.

How Can I Save on My Home Insurance?

It starts with dusting off that old policy and giving us a call. As independent insurance agents, we are qualified to review the policies issued by any company. We will go over your coverage with you, and see where you may have gaps in your present coverage. If you like, we can then go to work checking our network of companies to find you suitable coverage at a price you are comfortable with. It’s as easy as bouncing on a trampoline. Just a whole lot safer.


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